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ancient-lord aka markovicenza (ancient_numismatics, master-numismatics)

Started by chris, March 31, 2015, 12:49:23 PM

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A seller from Serbia

but he is not alone.

Two clan members offer fakes from the same source of supply,1115.0.html,1116.0.html

Between authentic bronze artefacts (mostly rings) he sells good made silver ring forgeries. We strongly recommend this topic,1100.0.html

It takes a relative trained eye to detect the engravings/rings as fakes.

The Romans engraved with hand-carving tools (punches).With the help of carving tools blow is set next to blow up to continuous lines, dotted lines or simple ornamental motifs were realized in constant repetition. It can be seen mostly where the punch was restarted again.

The jeweler usually uses a graver, which is a tool that has a sharp chisel at the end to produce deep and bright cuts. More modern,faster and more accurate, are laser engravings, of which are not as deep as the hand engraving and abrade quickly.


compare the engraving style - surely made from the same hand


I have combined these three sellers.All three come from the former Yugoslavia. All three try to specify the location differently.
On the territory of the former Yugoslavia, which was slightly smaller than the old Federal Republic of Germany, seven states have formed since 1991: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

aca_numismatics = Europe Yugoslavia
master-numismatics = Europe, Serbia
markovicenza = Serbia

one have to know that sometimes the former provinces are separated by a road only.I think these three sellers form a "group of companies" or belong to a clan with the same dubious intentions to ................. sell well-made fakes as real things.

Pls. refer also to the threads and interesting pics from his branches, family clan members or likely Maffia collegues :-),1115.0.html,1116.0.html


Please refer to this thread too:,1100.0.html

As already mentioned, all the silver and gold rings and now the seal have the same surface. There are fine blasting equipment with which you can edit, inter alia, the surfaces of metal and stone objects. Depending on the used medium (coarse sand grains, ruby grains, etc.), the surfaces look different. The drawback to this method is that the surfaces are roughened evenly.

The engravings are surely from the same hand.  


Obvious fake - not sustained style, rough style. I'm not a collector rings, but this...


please compare the engraving of the ring of aca_numismatics and this seller. Same hand for sure


It's really incredible. All rings artificially made to look old with the same surface. Constantly repeating wing engraving variations.

And between now and then a real piece (but then most with fake engraving)

Negative feedback   Counterfeit coin. Beware! he sells "PERFECT" die-matched fakes & cast forgeries   K√§ufer: a***n ( 186 )

    answer markovicenza (16.06.14 23:39):
    The coin is perfect and 100% authentic.The buyer is deliberately given negative.

   ** PERFECT **Severus Alexander Denarius. 228-231 AD.ancient silver roman coin (Nr.121320230665)   US $46,25


One of the most successful sales strategies for fakes is used skillfully by the troika from the former Yugoslavia ............ to mix many fakes among some genuine items.

Works just fine, as you can see. Every good or bad fake is bought without hesitation.

Not one ebay buyer wonders that suddenly lots of allegedly genuine Roman silver and gold rings are coming from a country that has strict export bans for its Roman cultural heritage. Actually, you only need to count 2 and 2 together to know that most items can only be fakes. Here the export ban, of course, does not apply.

PS. the "bee" joke has been sold for US $213,50


What an innovation ......... Finally the swastika as a ring. Although just from the workshop of the fake manufacturers. Nevertheless, the more experienced ebay-fake buyers close their eyes while also buying this fake


The Roman Polyphallus is also one of the favorite engravings of roman_rings :-)


We congratulate the winner of this ring. 410, - US $ for a fake is almost a bargain


and the next legionary ring, this time with a galley..............

These rings with protruding shoulders seem to associate the buyers that they need to be absolutely real. Otherwise I can the sudden run on these rings not imagine.

They were ignored for years and were both real and fake hard to sell. Now inundate Legion rings from the Balkans the market, and not a buyer notices fraud. Once the word Legion ring appears, the mind is automatically switched off


located in USA - delivery from Serbia


and again real fakes directly from Serbia and no one notices anything


the ignorance of the buyer makes cheating easy