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Started by Archaic, August 30, 2020, 06:42:50 PM

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Fairly new seller from UAE

Member since: 26-Oct-18 in United Arab Emirates

He is:
Mr Mir Jan Mir Agha
Ancient Romana online gallery
United Arab Emirates

Has defrauded many new gullible collectors.
Some things very obvious fakes, others much better made.

gaius asinius

ancient-romana is indeed selling very costly fakes to uninformed eBayers. The difference is he offers a full refund policy if any of his items are definitively determined to be genuine. No other crooks do that.



Rather amazing he hasn't   more negative feedback.This only confirms my belief that the average buyer of "antiquities" on eBay knows zilch about the subject!

I see he writes such as:
We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have been selling since years on ebay and this is the first time we got this feedbacks from you so its hard for me to believe.... can you send me the test results and also you could ask for refund or to solve any issue you had instead of giving negative feedback... I even asked for his satisfaction before he left any feedback but heard nothing.

I do not believe them! They are con men and cheats.


Copied badly from....

Mike Davies of "antiquiti" sold a slightly better copy.... of course also sold as genuinely ancient!

These fraudsters are getting away with as bad as Sadigh ever did!

Of course not hundreds,  but tens of thousands!!!!

This forum has been teling it like it is since 2012!,1024.0.html


Jerry F

Continues unheeded to fool so many gullible ebayers!
Sells for large amounts of money too!
ALL FAKE!!            ALL FAKE              ALL FAKE          ALL FAKE


I bought him 4 items in August 2020, as I paid with paypal and I realized all of them were fakes i asked him for a complete  refund and he did it. He confirmed me they were fake, written probe.  He is still selling on ebay


Serious fraud going on here!!

Jerry F

Note that this seller has another eBay account as well:

The representative in London is:

Imran Aleem
Flat 21 Kensington House, 34 Park Lodge Avenue, West Drayton, England, UB7 9DG

 Mr Imran Aleem also sells  used motorcars and clothing.



gaius asinius

Utterly inconceivable how these shysters continually get away with such thievery and malfeasance. No laws being broken here??!!



The maker of this fake has found the original to copy from online at the British Museum in London UK .
This seller pushes out many very expensive badly made copies of things in various museums.
Has 100% positive feedback of course"
Dr Bron has shown many on his website in the fakes sections.
For example>>>


This message above was reported to Admin on March 20th by a member of this forum.
We don't know why the comments were done in this way rather than simply replying to the message.

They left the following message:

I bought this product and after seeing this post i had got a mini heart attack so i was about to make a problem for the seller but i wanted to make sure so i tested the item and it turned out ancient. So how can he say its a fake? This distracts us.

Indeed it no longer appears for sale by this seller on eBay.

We emailed this member several times asking to confirm that that is what they meant and to let us know what "tests" " they have used to persuade them that it is authentically ancient

We received no reply.

We note that the IP address for this member is Abu Dhabi.
We note that the seller ancient.romana says on eBay that they ship from Dubai.
We note that these two centres in the United Arab Emirates are very near each other.



This is strange. What's going on do you think?
The plaque is VERY CLEARLY a fake!

gaius asinius

Expecting a mea culpa, admission or apology, perhaps? Surprised he said anything