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Some negative feedback....before eBay removes it!
No laws being broken unfortunately. No stupidity tests mandated for buyers, either. The category clearly states "all other collectibles" or whatever jargon their Legal Dept. advised to circumvent charges of aiding & abetting criminality
Now large numbers of really badly faked "cuneiform" tablets.
Can anyone really believe these????
Happy, satisfied cudstomers continue to spend a lot of money on Mr Mir's badly made fakes.
(Many of his fakes are however quite well made)
TOP TEN antiquiti / Re: antiquiti aca mikes-artefa...
Last post by gaius asinius - February 25, 2024, 04:24:20 PM
Five more bits of phony baloney from the ever industrious fabricators at ANTIQUES AND ARTEFACTS UK. Note that in 2nd row Mr. Thai Shyster remains in the game with his latest hilarious Harappan flowerpot.
TOP TEN antiquiti / Re: antiquiti aca mikes-artefa...
Last post by Archaic - February 24, 2024, 06:36:09 PM
Do let us klnow what you do and the result.
Hope he takes these things back and refunds you.

TOP TEN antiquiti / Re: antiquiti aca mikes-artefa...
Last post by Spotfake - February 23, 2024, 06:11:41 PM
Thank you everyone for your information.
TOP TEN hands_of _history / Re: egdirdlewendy
Last post by Jerry F - February 23, 2024, 03:12:00 PM
It's amazing how gullible people are!
All these sold as ancient Minoan!


Height: 11 cm

Weight: 178 grams

Please note you are bidding on 1 amphora only. the picture shows different angles of the same vessel

Dating From Around 2000 - 2600 BC.This Item has Come from a Private 1970s Collection. This auction is for one vessel only.
Wonder where the birdie came from?
Search on google images and hey presto, this pair appear side by side! :o)
Here is another  fake thing from Mr Mir which is badly copied from a well known original in the British Museum

Alabaster bas-relief showing Assyrian soldiers holding the decapitated heads of their defeated enemy before Assyrian musicians. Neo-Assyrian Period, 865-860 BCE. Detail of Panel 6 (top), Room B, the North-Palace Palace, Nimrud, modern-day Iraq. (The British Museum, London)