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You previously said that you bought that plaque with the archers on it and had it "tested" which
showed it was genuine.

I cannot undestand that.

Can you please let us have information about this "testing".

The items from ancient romana gallery on ebay are all looking genuine to many of us. Even after testing on 2 item by spending extra 800 bucks! It turned out old! A terracotta  cuneiform tablet and a terracotta figurine.
Expecting a mea culpa, admission or apology, perhaps? Surprised he said anything 
This is strange. What's going on do you think?
The plaque is VERY CLEARLY a fake!
This message above was reported to Admin on March 20th by a member of this forum.
We don't know why the comments were done in this way rather than simply replying to the message.

They left the following message:

I bought this product and after seeing this post i had got a mini heart attack so i was about to make a problem for the seller but i wanted to make sure so i tested the item and it turned out ancient. So how can he say its a fake? This distracts us.

Indeed it no longer appears for sale by this seller on eBay.

We emailed this member several times asking to confirm that that is what they meant and to let us know what "tests" " they have used to persuade them that it is authentically ancient

We received no reply.

We note that the IP address for this member is Abu Dhabi.
We note that the seller ancient.romana says on eBay that they ship from Dubai.
We note that these two centres in the United Arab Emirates are very near each other.

The maker of this fake has found the original to copy from online at the British Museum in London UK .
This seller pushes out many very expensive badly made copies of things in various museums.
Has 100% positive feedback of course"
Dr Bron has shown many on his website in the fakes sections.
For example>>>
Quote from: Jerry F on November 07, 2022, 02:58:49 PM
He wrote... "He estimates that about 30 percent of "antiquities" currently for sale on eBay are obvious fakes....."
That was 2009. Now more like 99% !!

Yes, and it is a terrible increase that should be stopped by the pertinent authorities....
While most of the data in this 2009 article still appears relevant, the percentages of fakes vs. genuine has indeed skyrocketed. Ebay effectively washed its hands of even a minimal degree of oversight and accountability when it began grouping everything into the "Other Decorative Collectibles" category. Now it doesn't matter if the item is real or fake or stolen or misappropriated or dispensed from a Moroccan bubblegum machine or illegally extracted from a site of human remains. Ebay couldn't care less.

He wrote... "He estimates that about 30 percent of "antiquities" currently for sale on eBay are obvious fakes....."
That was 2009. Now more like 99% !!