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Petition / Egyptian antiquities fo
Last post by Sun2009t - June 11, 2022, 08:50:49 PM
From Sun2009t
Hi all . I haven't posted on your forum before but I would welcome an opinion on the Seckmet. I am a collector of Egyptian antiquities and bought it quite cheaply on eBay s year or so ago. It appears to be carved in diorite or some other hard mineral. It is interesting that the left arm and part of the head are missing
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Last post by Archaic - May 29, 2022, 08:56:09 PM
Mike Davies the biggest seller of terrible fakes on eBay has changed his ID.

Now is: antiques-and-artefacts-uk
TOP TEN antiquiti / Re: antiquiti aca mikes-artefa...
Last post by Archaic - May 16, 2022, 03:17:05 PM
Mr Davies is getting into some serious fraud....look at the prices of some of his junk!
Does not feel like justice to me!
I think duped buyers would have to  go after him in the small claims courts.
Will many botyher??? Probably not.
So he comes out on top. He made a lot of money. Bought several properties in NY state.
Any reference to RESTITUTION anywhere? Does he get to keep the Pez too??!!
Five years probation for protracted grand larceny??!! Minorities in underprivileged neighborhoods get prison sentences for stealing Pez. This fool gets a slap on the wrist??!!


Does seem a very light penalty for such a very long histiory of extensive fraud!

Manhattan art dealer is sentenced to five years probation for fake Egyptian artifact factory where he sold spray-painted and varnished phony relics for up to $4k to unsuspected collectors for decades

    Mehrdad Sadigh, who sold fake artifacts at Sadigh Gallery on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue since 1982, was sentenced to five years of probation on Tuesday
    Prosecutors allege that for the past 39 years, Sadigh passed off the fake artifacts as ancient relics to unsuspecting customers
    To remain under the radar, Sadigh said he hired a company to remove customers' complaints online and bury negative reviews
    He said he also convinced people to write fake positive reviews about his store
    Sadigh was caught after selling to undercover federal investigators a fake Egyptian and Roman relic for $4,000 each in August
    After the sales, members of the DA's office and Homeland Security Investigations visited the gallery and found hundreds of fake artifacts displayed
    Investigators also found the tools that Sadigh used to age the phony antiques, varnish, sanders and spray paint
    Prosecutors say that, based on the number of years he ran his busines
TOP TEN antiquiti / Re: antiquiti aca mikes-artefa...
Last post by gaius asinius - January 24, 2022, 07:40:15 PM
Such unbridled evil in the hearts of men