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Started by chris, July 29, 2012, 05:47:23 PM

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A seller from UK  ..........................

offering plenty of Afghan trinkets either as Roman or Medieval originals. The two pictured rings (pics 1-6) are sold as stirrup rings. Even with a lot of imagination, one can not detect these rings as stirrup rings, unless you take the elevated ring bezel as a sign :-) Long live the fantasy of the seller.

Ring-no. 3 (pic 7-9) is only one example of many , which the seller sells as gold plated (gold gilt).These rings are from Afghanistan or Far East and are neither gold nor of any other valuable alloy. They usually consist of bronze alloyed with a little silver. polished correctly, they can shine like gold :-). On average, these rings are sold between 30-80 US$.

The last two rings are multiple sold Bulgaro fakes. The first one (pic 10-13) you may enjoy here :,473.msg996.html#msg996 .The seller offers this ring as Roman original gold gilt ring for GBP 350.00. It's a cheap Bulgaro Bronze fake.

The last one is a Bulgaro fake too. Gradually all the fakes are back on the market .

Harvey P

Photos sent  by a member of the discussion board.



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