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World Wide Store and Sadigh Connection

Started by admin, November 26, 2007, 05:30:15 PM

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This seller now appears to have  gone. Hope we had something to do with this!

World Wide Store and Sadigh Connection

I do not know any specifics about this store but I do know there is a
Sadigh connection of some type. I have found on the World Wide Store
site the following items that I used to own. I bought them from
Sadigh and I returned them to Sadigh. He either operates this store
or the one who does uses him as a supplier or partner.

Here are the items:

#1 --

#2 --

#3 --

#4 --

#5 --

#6 --

As I said, I used to own these and they are distinctive enough that I
know I did not just own a similar piece but these exact pieces.
There has always been a little drip of green paint on the handle of #4
where it attaches to the body. It can be seen in the picture. I
owned these pieces and sent them back to Sadigh.

If you can't accept my word and need further proof, look at Sadigh's
site and see the exact pieces listed there:

#1 --

#2 -- or

#3 -- Can't find it anymore. Most be sold. Too bad for the buyer.

#4 -- (2nd row down) or

#5 --

#6 --

If you need further proof, I have noticed that the picture numbers in
the WWS site are the exact same NUMBER as the item numbers on the
Sadigh site.

There is a strong connection between the two sites. Is WWS just a
mask for Mehrdad?



It seems that has moved to
They redesigned their site as well. Business must be good if they can afford that, huh?

What is with the difference in prices, too? :


I am new to this ancient artifact thing. What is it about them that convinces you their products are fakes. I was considering a purchase from Sadigh, but now I am not exactly sure what to do.



Thanks very much for letting us know.
We will update the information here.

PLEASE dont buy from Sadigh!!!!  :'(

Join this  large discussion forum and ask there about him of you are still unsure.   



Sadigh signs the World Wide Store false certificates if authenticity as "Gallery President".