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New hoard of Viking FAKE silver "found in Bulgaria"

Started by chris, February 13, 2018, 05:03:16 PM

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Good news!

A new hoard of Viking fake silver found in Bulgaria (near counterfeiting workshop). Countless Hammer of Thor pendants, axes, bracelets and now also rings. Every day new hammer of Thor fakes are launched on the market. Every fake collector wants to have some of the power of Mjölnir ...... because the hammer of the thunder god Thor was considered by the Teutons as a symbol of strength, energy and for old age. Right-wing extremists nowadays shifted the meaning of the symbol to "militant" and "ethnic connectedness".
The Vikings used the Thorshammer in the form of a pendant as a counterpart to the Christian cross.

We owe it to the tireless diligence of ebay seller uniques77777 and its 4 branches that these artifacts can be scattered on the ebay fake marketplace.
Do you want to see some genuine artifacts?
(The Swedish History Museum, Stockholm)

Unfortunately, the museums did not want these badly made counterfeits, so uniques77777 has no choice but to sell this rubbish in large quantities to bona fide ebay buyers. The grateful buyer pays any price. Myriads of dealers and collectors view ebay for bargains but........ 90% of all bargain purchases turn out to be fakes.

The identification of fakes is to learn something new

so never stop researching!

Let's start with the series of the hammer pendants of Thor. Real (first pic) .............followed by countless fakes.

Bad news for the buyers of this rubbish: We learned from the last two negative feedbacks for uniques77777 that the fakes offered are obviously not made of silver.The scam is thus much larger than we thought.
From 8. 3. 2018 to 3. 6. 2018 number of fakes sold = 369
From 22.5.2018 to 7. 8. 2018 number of fakes sold = 225

This is interesting!


Fake Viking Rings

The Viking rings, are a real dumbing down of every buyers.

Bracelet terminals soldered to a hoop (first ring) and ready is the moneymaker par excellance.(Can anyone even imagine that the buyer of this ring paid $ 1535.00 for a bad fake?) The more horrible and implausible a ring is, the more bidders are obviously interested in. No one notices that one forger copies from the other. Sometimes only a few days are in between.

Look at the real rings at the very end and compare them with the incredibly bad fakes coming from the Bulgarian forger shops.

Compare the Viking warrior face rings from uniques77777. This crook sells now the third almost identical Viking silver ring. Only the hoop always a little modified.

PS. Whether Viking or Roman - all the same "uniformity".
At the moment, the Viking Fake rings have replaced the leg rings. The Vikings market is not yet grazed and the buyers have even less idea about the Vikings than the Romans


Viking fake bracelets (also called arm rings)

Let's start with real viking bracelets .............
Information on Viking genuine items can be found here:

If you have acquired a little knowledge now, then you will hopefully not buy the really bad made Viking fakes from Bulgaria


the newest hit from the Bulgarian counterfeiting workshop offered by uniques77777
Silver / gold fakes. Made from silver and pure gold, with a close look revealing the opposite
Silver yes - but pure gold looks more like gilding.

The eBay bargain hunters with zero clue throw themselves blind in bidding fights, in order to proudly present a piece of counterfeiting.What a waste of capital, and hardly anyone knows what a worthless trash he has bought.