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ancient-lord aka markovicenza (ancient_numismatics, master-numismatics)

Started by chris, March 31, 2015, 12:49:23 PM

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Meanwhile, the fake seller have no inhibitions. Sure, the ebay seller protection makes it easy

Apparently there are a few basic models, of which the fakes are produced then changed individually.


SPQR is popular for fakes. For years, the SPQR fakes ghosts through ebay. :-)
I am not quite clear as well, why should a Legion ring SPQR has engraved. Senatus Populusque Romanus (Senate and People of Rome) was the emblem of the Roman Republic, but which ended in 27 BC.

By the way, we have never come across a  genuine SPQR Roman ring.


If the Gold Legion ring would be really genuine, it would have belonged a high-ranking officer of the Roman army and subject to a strict export ban on ancient heritage of Serbia.
Of course, this does not apply to fakes. Since one can also start with a low starting price. Bidders are totally uncritically at Legion rings and certainly be brainless forfeited a Legion ring of gold .

Interesting bid history for the silver fake ..35 bids but only 3 bidders and there are more than 2 days remaining. Shill bidding?? or simply a few fools who push up the price by their bids


The sales of this gold fake ring raises questions. One hour after a successful sale has the same ring sold again, but more expensive.

Since there are many possible explanations
- The buyer has noticed in time that the ring is a fake
- The seller has sold the ring again. Since the rings come from a local fake production that should be no problem to copy it again
- shill bidding went wrong (quite likely)

Anyway, the second buyer would rather have this fake left.

Second buyer was ebay seller "broncka". He removed the auction after fake info and item test. The negative feedback for this purchase we could only get from the buyer ebay account because markovicenza has switched his feedback privately, they are therefore no longer be viewed.


To whom it may concern

master-numismatics..................located in USA                                           markovicenza.....................located in USA

Milos Andrejevic                                                                                         same address as master-numismatics
1702 West 7 st. apt.3DL
11223 New York City, NY
United States

Delivery comes from..................Serbia                                                        delivery comes from Serbia
Miki Milosevic                                                                                              Marco Nikolić
HUM  bb (bb = ,,bez broja" (means without number and/or street name)         18000 Niš BB (BB = ,,"bez broja" ( means without number and/or street name).
Serbia                                                                                                        Serbia
mail: Marija N <>

This shop manufacturing imitation jewelery and related articles we found with the help of the Slovenian buyer of the gold fake:

Marko Nikolić
Radnih brigada 24
18000 Niš

Draw your own conclusions


seller changed his ID and with this change the negative feedback for the goldring left?

   ancient-lord                          05.12.15       aktuell
   markovicenza                       12.06.11       05.12.15

I have contacted the buyer of the gold ring. My mail under the reply of the buyer boncka. In short, the purchaser was also surprised that the negative feedback has been deleted.

from boncka :
Hallo, ich habe die bewertung nicht geandert und weis nicht was los ist. Ich begleite auch nicht mehr dem verkaufer mit velchem ich sclechte erfarung gehabt habe.
Danke und gruss
Translation of his answer " I did not remove or change the negative feedback and do not know actually what happened . Seller, with whom I have had bad experiences, I am no longer following " Thanks and greetings

my message:
HI, you might remember the bad experiences you have had with markovicenza. Unfortunately your negative feedback left and this untrustworthy seller now continues with another ID on ebay "ancient-lord".
did you remove this feedback? why?

A PDF file of this correspondence attached too.


Some very strange things going on.

marcovicenza now changed to ancient-lord

 ancient-lord                          05.12.15       aktuell
  markovicenza                       12.06.11       05.12.15

marcovicenza – no information can be found online  about them now!

Then look on

VERY strange!



ancient-lord aca markovicenza has overcome the shock. The negative feedback of the buyer of the gold fake was removed.
Now may also be sold with this account again lots of fakes.

The scam of the quartet is transparent. The master usually sells gold rings, his other ID's are responsible for the rest. Old rings jazzed up with engravings, Legion rings wherever you look, silver fakes with or without gems. And ebay watches, rubbing its hands and earned at every fake (Is that not aid for fraud?).

sold items:
pay attention to the legionsfake. Not bad the price obtained for a piece of worthless silver


I imagine, as once the heirs of these countless counterfeits eagerly anticipating a valuable inheritance let examine the value and authenticity at a museum. The faces I want to see if they find out that they just keep rubbish in hands.


Crown of Thorns .... has already been sold some time ago by aca_numismatics now ancient_numismatics.


incredibly, with this fake potential buyers are really fooled


the Legion fake flagship is active again.......................................
Legion rings galore and the fake-collectors still buy blindly. Amazing :-)


As long as the buyers believe they can buy valuable ancient treasures at a bargain price on ebay, the fraud is booming with fakes. One thing is certain, ebay auctionen with a starting price of $ 0.99 for valuable genuine artifacts are highly likely fakes.

Logical conclusion. If two countries such as Bulgaria and Serbia (previously Yugoslavia) are offering unusual number of gold and silver rings in always different shapes and engravings, this can only come from their own counterfeit workshop. The same goes for coins and other artifacts.

If suddenly all bronze rings have clearly visible engravings, indicates this to a "reworking".


similar gold ring but with different intaglio has been sold a few month ago from his other ID master-numismatics


and even a legion ring