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Some matching items between Antiquiti and Thai shops

Started by L, October 09, 2021, 08:16:42 PM

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I tried replying to the Antiquiti topic but I can not, it is locked, if you want to move this post please feel free, thank you!

The shop "Antiquiti" has been discussed on this board. From what I can gather from those messages it's one of the longest lasting shops selling fakes. Over 15.000+ references, crazy. Never dealt with them and never will, so I can not share any experiences.

I'm still working on seeing what's possible by simply searching for images. By accident ran into this seller. Turns out there's quiet a few matches with Thai shops. ....all shops that were mentioned in another post on this board. These  "artefacts" that are similar to the Thai ones are more widespread than I thought.

First link of every set of 2 is to the Antiquiti auction, second to a Thai Ebay shop

and 2 by Antiquiti
And the Thai one

Did screenshot them all, just no time to edit them, I 'll add them if by some chance the links/pages to the auctions disappear.

Jerry F


Amazing that Mr Davies manages to sell such rubbish and also manages to get eBay to remove the negative feedback comments!

That axe head is sold by many sellers of fakes. It is a copy of a famous piece in the Met Museum.



Some saved screenshots from Lodewiyk's first message

gaius asinius

Remarkable how that Davies dude manages to survive and flourish in the fake antiquities racket. Money talks!