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antiquiti aca mikes-artefacts

Started by admin, November 23, 2015, 12:31:21 PM

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Incredible. This fake, probably not even silver, has bids for GBP 300.00

The bidders could have bought this ring from the Replica seller komar_34 for $ 19.00.
It is worth to see his listing. Saves a lot of money because other untrustworthy sellers like ancientground etc. also offer these replicas as guaranteed genuine.


He makes it up as he goes....




The seller knows the answer to  the buyers question!


He knows!!!
He knows nothing about cuneiform tablets, but he knows these are fakes.
Because he pays very little for such.


Badly made repros.


quote from David:

Although made merely as a reproduction or tourist souvenir, an item becomes "fake" when deceptively offered as the real thing.


They complain about the wrong thing!



Michael Robert Davies = antiquiti
Also sell on catawiki = oldwonders
But is careful to sell mostly genuine things there.
(Because he can tell the difference!)

Look at some feedback on catawiki.
Buyer mentions thing came from Cyprus!

Look who antiquiti  buys so much from.
ancientground who is in Cyprus. (Was before called coinauction12)

So a business deal here? These criminals are partners??


You do not need much knowledge to recognize these "artifacts" as fakes


I embarrassingly bought over £7,000 worth of "Tell Brak" idols from Antiquiti (Mike Davis). These were recently listed on eBay and I was promised provenance for them before I purchased.

The provenance was just made up, unverifiable rubbish and on closer inspection, the idols had flat backs as if they had been made from marble tiles (the backs should have been of a similar finish to the fronts).

Mike Davis did accept my returns and refunded all of my money (as eBay would have made him do anyway), although I am still out of pocket (return shipping) and very stressed out at being so stupid.

As soon as the idols were returned, he relisted them on eBay as genuine.

I am happy to send you copies of emails and any communication that I had with him.


I hope you will leave him suitable neg feedback!


My feedback has disappeared (15 negatives), I have called eBay directly and complained regarding its removal, which they say they will look into.

I have also given them this website and Bron's website details.

gaius asinius

Its glaringly apparent that the powers that be at ebay are complicit (read: ACTIVELY INVOLVED) in the ongoing scam to make money by ripping people off. As long as the deception puts money in their greedy coffers, they could care less about any annoying ethical or legal considerations. How could they allow a reported FIFTEEN reports of "this merchant is a crook" to disappear, and for the swindler to remain in business?
Amassing profits through chicanery, illicit imports/exports and grave robbing are inherent components of their business model. Ebay is as much a criminal enterprise as any on the international market. Best get used to it folks. What you gonna do to make them change?


Although he has never crooked me, I take much offense at his behaviour because he coud have crooked me if I had not been warned.

But eBay's bad behavior makes it realy difficult to do anything. No point buying some cheap trinket and to leave negative feedback as they will remove it!

It is very disgraceful!!!