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Started by chris, May 29, 2017, 08:23:15 AM

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Quote from: Archaic on November 30, 2017, 11:48:46 AM

Can you tell us who the re-sellers are?
We need to watch them.


the last actually now eight pics from above post


when does ebay stop the gigantic scam. And uniques77777 is just one of many. 90% of the "genuine" artifacts on ebay are fakes. Ebay is constantly informed - but does nothing.

Money first - then the customers. Everything else is a lie.

High live the sponsored fraud


An overview of the legion ring fakes this seller offers in one week only


Quote from: chris on December 03, 2017, 08:04:23 AM

these are the legion ring fakes this seller offers in one week only

followed by the remaining rest and detailed pics from above overview.......................................


Amazing............14 days result of fake legion rings only from this seller


Do you know the total price sold?


Quote from: Archaic on December 06, 2017, 05:54:12 PM
Do you know the total price sold?

Six (6) sales are still pending, meaning that the sale is not yet complete. One (1) new legion fake has been added today.

The method of this seller, once one counterfeit is sold, comes a new one.

Sales November 23 - December 7, 2017 as screenshot enclosed.

The sale of only the legion ring fakes for that period is € 6,404.96 = $ 7.553.25 (actual converting rate)
For the remaining fake artifacts you can add just over $ 1,000.00 for that period.
It means ..  legion ring fakes plus "other" fakes = a total of 24 fakes sold from Nov. 23 - Dec. 7, 2017.

plus the six auctions that have not yet ended and the new one, added today


fake listing update


The buyers don't seem to notice!


There are also the permanent repetitions of the engraved "alleged" legion symbols / mascots. An example of many attached.

To date, this seller has been selling since our records (errors excepted) legion rings as follows:

from leg. I     = 6 rings
from leg. II    = 5 rings
from leg. III   = 8 rings
from leg. IV    = 2 rings
from leg. V     = 2 rings
from leg. VI    = 8 rings
from leg. VII   = 2 rings
from leg. X     = 5 rings
from leg. XI    = 3 rings
from leg. XII   = 2 rings
from leg. XIII  = 3 rings
from Leg. XIV and XV = each 1 ring
from leg. XVI   = 3 rings
from leg. XVIII = 2 rings
from leg. XX     = 1 ring
from leg. XX1   = 2 rings
from leg. XXII   = 4 rings
from leg. XIX    = 1 ring
from leg. XXX   = 3 rings

Currently he sells an average of 6 legions ring-counterfeits per week. As soon as one is sold another one is added.

In addition there are the countless snake rings / bracelets / necklaces. Modern bronze statues with fake legions engravings and other ring fakes, and and and.


enjoy and be amazed.

The current counterfeits of this scammer

and the scheduled offers from uniques77777. A special ebay service to promote fake selling.

Only visible to those who often put the fakes of uniques77777 on their watch list like me  :-)

PS. this crook sells now his fakes with a second ID five_stars_five


uniques77777 is

Georgi Georgiev, ul.Nikola Kojuharov-2;vh.B;et.2;ap.30 6000, Bulgaria

And look here! 


Seller says:

NOTE : You yourself can adjust your size, because this beautiful and unique RING is silver and the silver has plasticity properties !!!

This is by no means true for real genuine rings, neither gold, silver or even bronze.Resizing is surely not possible for genuine silver because the high temperature needed to solder the ring can damage the old silver and/or the complete ring depending on the condition of the genuine silver and where the ring was stored for the last thousands of years (underground, in the water, etc.) and which chemicals or environmental factors it was exposed to.
If the seller claims his rings can be resized, then he has no idea that this does not apply to genuine rings, whether silver or gold.

But we know he sells replicas as genuine rings, which of course can be changed just like all modern rings.

To resize a ring, jewelers cut the band and then increase or decrease its size. To increase the size of your ring, the jeweler will spread it as much as needed after cutting it and will then add a new piece of metal to fill the gap.
Decreasing a ring's size works in a similar fashion: The jeweler will cut out a strip from the ring and narrow the band by joining the two ends together.
After the resizing is done, the jeweler will put your ring back together by soldering the band where it was cut.
When a ring is resized, the place where it was cut and then soldered becomes weaker.If the band is thinner at that spot and you can see a dented line, then the soldering will be more likely to break.There is a limit to how much the size of a ring can be changed. If the desired increase or decrease is more than one or two sizes, then it is unlikely that resizing would be possible without putting the ring at risk of damage.
Other methods such as stretching, carving out, or adding additional material can be employed, but their effectiveness has limits.
In general, make sure that your ring fits as well as possible before you buy it because resizing it later could involve a lot of hassle and may even be impossible.

Please enjoy the mail correspondence with uniques77777. The content speaks for itself !!!

my question:
HI, how did you know that this beautiful necklace belonged to a Senator's wife? How was the age determined? Is there testing for it? Or is the excavation site known? Thanks your kind answer

answer from uniques77777:
Hi Dear, Thank You, for choosing – I appreciate great buyers like you.
These ancient pieces was collected in continuation many years by my grandfather who owned a huge collection - more than 350 ancient items ancient Roman, Byzantine, Viking, Celtic, Thracian artifacts - now I sell a part of this collection. ***
>>> ( My grandfather died Before Two years and now I sell some of his collection ) <<< My grandfather also has had and a metal detector, He was search and found for archaeological finds (it's called looting and absolutely illegal), He Travels in the whole country (Bulgaria - Europe), also he traveled and in neighboring countries - to search for ancient objects. My grandfather also had a GREAT friend from Germany, some of the items belonged to the German collector because they exchanged objects, they made barters for some artifacts.

Тhe only checking I have done is an expert on determining the composition of the metal - I've been to a expert and he confirmed that this item are 100% SOLID SILVER.

Everything else which have as information about this item is described in the listing.

Authors note
A part ? Below are the sold fakes of almost three months. Starting from the stock of more than 350 ancient artifacts, the grandfather's entire stock is expected to have sold off in less than a year. But where does the surplus come from?
Oh, I know--- the grandmother is now doing the illegal excavations and sends them to the German friend, who then does some kind of artifacts laundry (not money laundering) and exchanges these looted things for fakes.***

Best regards.
Greetings from BULGARIA.

my answer to uniques77777
HI, thanks your prompte reply. I think you know the excavation site of this fantastic necklace? Would you share your knowledge also with me? Because the senatorial indication means that this artifact was submitted to an expert, right? I assume that your grandfather has listed the artifacts and then noted age and affiliation. Because after all this time, it is difficult for heirs to determine the artifacts without information. You must be happy to keep the artifacts found. Unfortunately, that's illegal in Germany. We have to hand over everything to the authorities and we are not allowed to export ancient artifacts.

answer from uniques77777
This is ALL information Thanks :)

Attached the negative and neutral feedbacks from this seller and the overview of the sold fakes (the knitwear are crossed out) from September 27th. 2017 to December 24th. 2017. Not half bad, right? Cheating is worth it on ebay.


Scheduled item preview. A special ebay service for scammers


"A big bit of advice to collectors, and you can quote me on this!....
A big library is more important than a big cheque book"
Louis McWhinnie

One and the same Bulgarian seller sells hundreds of legion rings over the years, claiming that all rings are genuine. Engravings, inscription all made by the same "hand". The style often repeats, all with almost identical signs of age. He can always specify exactly where the rings originally came from, who they belonged to - without, of course, establishing themselves with a provenance.

Gold Legion rings found and classified worldwide can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

Now there are a total of five more coming from the Bulgarian counterfeiting corner. Three of them in the same style, motifs worked out. Surface artificially roughened and almost rugged. Thankfully, this destructive rage could not reach the ring's inner surface. The color of the gold shows immediately that the gold is not antique / old, most likely less than 23 ct.  (the rich, dark tone of genuine gold is unmistakable) All exclusive offered by the same seller, just like the remaining hundreds of silver legion ring fakes.

The blind, naive and totally misinformed buyers would have to sound meanwhile ears. It should ring the alarm bells, if only the word legion or similar appears in the headline of an ebay offer. If the items are delivered from the Eastern European fake triangle then a counterfeit is guaranteed. This guarantee is also the only thing that is really real and can of course be confirmed with a COA :-)  

Enjoy last pic depicting guaranteed genuine legion GOLD rings, most likely belonging to high-ranking officers of the Roman army. Do you see the difference between real high-carat antique gold rings and Bulgarian fakes?