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Started by chris, June 04, 2017, 05:41:03 PM

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This seller we have been accompanying for almost a year. Unfortunately, the postings plus pictures have fallen victim to the breakdown of our forum.

Never mind. Meanwhile, goldfingure has crystallized out as a really hardcore fake seller.

He buys replicas from the US, fakes from other fake sellers, Islamic gold items from Bangkok and resells all with a good margin. He often uses the original offers from his "suppliers", renames them and doubles the prices.

Whether Islamic, fake, modern items or replicas. Everything guaranteed genuine and mostly sold as Roman or Viking. He has not the slightest idea of antiquity. He just babbled. Copies partially also the texts of other "serious" sellers.

This man just wants to make "money". No matter how.

ALLAN hardcastle
4 Spencer Road West
United Kingdom



This dishonest seller really misses no fake.

He works very hard and travels worldwide. But then he buys the fakes from other fake seller and usually sells them at double or triple price. In large part, he buys replicas and sells all as genuine artifacts.

Saves travel expenses :-)



May we introduce you to the owner of goldfingure, Mr. Allan Hardcastle (first pic), who says:

"I work hard to travel the world every month to bring you the best and rare items from history at great prices from viking to roman to anglo saxon"

Therefore, from time to time he is able to offer the fake of the month to an interested fake buyer circle. In June 2017, there were two "gold" rhyton. "Offered as pure gold, purchased as museum replicas, made of gold colored metal.

This month, goldfingure can offer another rarity, a gold Rams's-head Amulet "from the Kushite Period, Dynasty 25, circa 712-664 BC.  " THE MET "Museum has to explain why this unique specimen is now owned by Mr Hardcastle.

Or has he "inadvertently" offered a gilded museum replica as "genuine"? (the museum shop used to sell gold plated repros of it,
about $75)

That would be not only the "fake of the month" but the "fraud of the month"


If goldfingure titled an item "unresearched", then it is certainly a replica that he tries to sell with this trick as genuine.


Selling far fewer fakes now. Some genuine things and a few honestly listed as "replica".

I wonder why.



No, still many many bad made fakes!
And great ignorance.

etc etc

Roman stunning very large iridescent green Glass wine vase 2nd century AD.

size 25cm tall 11cm wide

damage to the rim see pics

ProvenanceEx German collection; acquired 1980


Has a strange idea of what "iridescent" means!

(Both are fakes of course : same maker)



Also selling as wodinstore,1369.msg8635.html#msg8635

Buys from Timeline auctions and sells.

BUT also sells reproductions as genuine ancient.