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Started by chris, May 06, 2020, 07:10:28 AM

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We could not force Uniques77777 and its various fake branches to give up completely. But in the end we succeeded. By constantly pointing out and publishing his counterfeits, the forgeries only reach the prices of replicas.
More probably cannot be achieved, especially since ebay protects its fraudulent sellers. Long live the 10% sales commission that flows into the ebay purses from every fake sold.

As soon as an untrustworthy seller has been put in his place, another one comes in. We welcome Luxeon55 as a rising star in the fraud sky.

Over the years, he has achieved top prices selling counterfeit coins and mostly Roman fake rings.  When the ground got too hot for him, he took a break, and then, when the attention waned, he started again.

The replicas are made quite well on "old", too perfect by the way.  Whether Roman, Byzantine, medieval - they all look similar. The workshop often uses the same moulds for different rings.  Hardly anyone notices this.

For weeks the bestseller par excellence, silver rings with gold applications in abundance.
Nobody seems to notice that these rings always have the same characteristic features. The appliqu├ęs are gilded (supposedly pure gold?), the motifs are mostly crosses, swords and semi-precious stones set in a gold rim . 

We also give our guests the opportunity to view the topic Luxeon55 from start to finish.

See, be amazed and learn !,454.0.html