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Started by Archaic, August 30, 2020, 06:42:50 PM

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The items from ancient romana gallery on ebay are all looking genuine to many of us. Even after testing on 2 item by spending extra 800 bucks! It turned out old! A terracotta  cuneiform tablet and a terracotta figurine.



You previously said that you bought that plaque with the archers on it and had it "tested" which
showed it was genuine.

I cannot undestand that.

Can you please let us have information about this "testing".


gaius asinius

Not only "testing" but also define "real"!!!!! Anything within three dimensions with mass is technically "real"



The member Mujtaba wrote:
The items from ancient romana gallery on ebay are all looking genuine to many of us.
Yes, many are well made but many also not well made and very obviously fake!


The British offshoot ancientromana-uk is back

but now:
"Registered as a private seller Thereby, consumer rights stemming from EU consumer protection law do not apply. eBay buyer protection still applies to most purchases"




Look at the gullible feedback this crook gets!
Will these poor eBayers ever learn the truth??

gaius asinius

That whole ebay "Feedback" shtick is worthless & meaningless aside from generating the company more profits



This  crooked seller, Mr Mir, should be promoted to nearer the top of the worst list. His fakes vary in quite a lot: some well made so me pretty badly made. He is taking a lot of gulible people to the cleaners as they say. For the last thing shown below: it is copied from a n artifact in the British Museum in London.


gaius asinius

Mr. Mutjaba must party on J├Ągermeister & Nepalese temple hashish to think up this stuff


Jerry F

This crook seller of fakes offers increasingly absurd things! Such as never found in antiquity.
Also he (Mr Mujtaba Mir) knows very little about ancient artefacts despite what some of his duped clients think!

Bactrian style figure  he calls Sumerian!

Figures standing on square shaped fake tablets... never seen in antiquity.

Two bronze Osiris figurines ...from the  same fake factory! Very obviously so!

"Round ball shaped tablet" ???? No, not a tablet, it's a fake bulla.

Many if not most sellers of fake antiquities know nothing about the subject.


gaius asinius

ebay is the perfect platform for scammers & shysters like this fiend to rip people off and get away with it. No laws broken anywhere apparently. ebay certainly couldn't care less unless you complain. Then all that happens is you get your money back. Good for you but bad for the rest of the gullible buying public.

Take a peek at categories such as ancient terracotta idols/figurines and feast your eyes on another mother lode of conniving bullcrap. Scrolled through mucho pages without finding a single unequivocally genuine artifact. All bullcrap. All covered by ebays money back guarantee. Big deal.

Just my two cents - Gaius


I dont Agree. Many items we bought from this seller are genuine. Me and my few friends bought several pcs and checked them, they all were to be true. Yes maybe some small cheap pcs (might be) reproduction, but if you see thats the case with every seller or auction house out there, this seller is different from otger ebay sellers. p.s the islamic/middle eastern items he has are amazing and rare (old).
Joe Franklin,

gaius asinius

Amazing & rare what? Reproductions? Absolutely. Rare reproductions? Absolutely not. Wait a while and see similar if not identical "one of a kind" offerings from other sources. Problem is, this phony stuff is rarely labeled as such. And dealers have a habit of mixing in these museum gift shop finds with genuine stuff to disorient, confuse, obfuscate and ultimately pick the pocket of the unwary.

Just my two cents,