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Started by Archaic, August 30, 2020, 06:42:50 PM

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Jerry F

This seller who is Mir Jan Mir Agha also known by his customers as Mr Mir writes:
"We provide the best and finest near eastern/ middle eastern Art on Ebay. +30 years experience in fine arts. Ancient Romana Gallery."

If after 30 plus years in the business he can't properly identify and describe an ancient artefact or can't tell fake from genuine, then he is either a grossly  incompetent seller or a crook! Make your choice.

The member Joe who has written above says  "maybe some small cheap pcs (might be) reproduction, but if you see thats the case with every seller or auction house out there," 

No! I am not accepting this! Some of the most expensive pieces sold by this man are well made fakes. There are more fakes for sale there than possibly genuine. Any real  antiquities dealer or auction house who sold this proportion of fakes would go out of business quickly. But on eBay, with so many gullible and poorly informed buyers, crooks like this man can get away with it. Well, yes get away with it until someone does something about this. Sooner or later, just like Mr Sadigh, the police will come calling.



I'm always highly suspicious when a supposed collector comes onto the forum to defend an obvious and blatant seller  of fakes like this man in Dubai. I was suspicious of the member Mujtaba as well: he said he bought something from this guy and had it "tested" and it was genuine. But he never responded to requests for details about this. Hmmmm? Makes one suspicious indeed.


I really think that this crooked seller should be elevated to the top of the list!

gaius asinius

He gets my vote as the next Dean of the P.T. Barnum College of Chicanery


Now moved to the top and sharing the top slot with the long time purveyor of many fakes in his offerings , Artemission.

Jerry F

More comments on his feedback (from duped gullible buyers)

gaius asinius

Probably gave away free phony stuff for writing such rubbish


I have heard from a collector who has bought something from this man. It is very definitely a fairly well made fake. He is proposing to return it for a full refund but is also going to take action to get this seller looked into by the approprtiate authorities.