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THE LEGION RING LIE ..or the money printing machine for scammers

Started by chris, January 29, 2018, 06:22:43 PM

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The Legion Ring lie

.......................................or the money printing machine for scammers

Finally the time has come. The fraudulent sellers have taken over the antiquities sector on ebay.
Years of brainwashing the buyer with "customer protection" has now the desired success. No fake seller needs to fear the negative feedbacks anymore. If he meets the ebay guidelines, this "warning" for other buyers is easy removed. The Veste is white again.

Experts believe that 90% of the offered artifacts on ebay are nothing but fakes.

The legion rings exceed the percentage by far. Nearly 99 % of the offered legion rings are fakes. The missing percent, because I might have overlooked a real one. In the last three years, I've only seen two legion rings in silver that were obviously real. Two only among hundreds of legion rings offered. Whether silver or bronze spiced up with engraving - all fakes. Not a single one was or still is genuine.

Legion rings were very rarely found and classified. Silver rings even rarer than gold. The gold rings, which were reserved for the higher ranks of the military, one can count on the fingers of both hands. They come from well-known collections or are exhibited in museums. Quite rarely new finds are added.

Already in ancient times, silver was valued as precious metal. The simple soldier could not afford rings of this metal. Since the color of gold reminded people of the sun, they associated silver with the moon. Besides hammering and embossing (a laborious, costly work, which required expertise), silver-objects were cast.

The fake sellers are unstoppable. Legion rings are offered uninhibited and in bulk. Most are scary fantasy products. Credibility or authenticity is no longer necessary. The mass of uninformed buyers have absolutely no idea of the matter. In the fever of bargain hunting they outbid each other to the pain threshold. $ 800- $ 1,000 for a legion ring fake are achieved, not often - but mostly for rings that look fake at first glance. Almost every day another fake-seller tries to jump on the legion train. Everyone wants a piece of the big cake

One is specialized in fake inscriptions. Everything incised with "Victrix" is bought at any price. The forger deliver what is in demand, copy with each other and try by mass (here the Bulgarian seller with the female decoy) to outdo the quality. The Serbian group usually copies the engraving of coins and hopes that nobody notices.

Some examples are attached. You can find more in our fake-ring-data-base, which is growing every day.,1103.0.html .You need to register on this forum to be able to see lots of useful information there.

Hot Tip
Did you ever wonder why the sellers so quickly agree to a return? The reason is quite simple, eBay removes any negative feedback immediately after refund. Never - never - leave your feedback immediately. Wait until shortly before the end of the 60 day period (after auction end) .If the item is a fake, then the deadline on ebay for filing a claim has also expired (30 days plus shipping time). That's a good thing.
Then PayPal enters. Ebay has no longer access to the feedback and PayPal takes care of the refund.

Last pic shows a real legion ring sold by Hermann-Historica


"A big bit of advice to collectors, and you can quote me on this!....
A big library is more important than a big cheque book"
Louis McWhinnie

One and the same Bulgarian seller sells hundreds of legion rings over the years, claiming that all rings are genuine. Engravings, inscription all made by the same "hand". The style often repeats, all with almost identical signs of age. He can always specify exactly where the rings originally came from, who they belonged to - without, of course, establishing themselves with a provenance.

Gold Legion rings found and classified worldwide can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

Now there are a total of five more coming from the Bulgarian counterfeiting corner. Three of them in the same style, motifs worked out. Surface artificially roughened and almost rugged. Thankfully, this destructive rage could not reach the ring's inner surface. The color of the gold shows immediately that the gold is not antique / old, most likely less than 23 ct.  (the rich, dark tone of genuine gold is unmistakable) All exclusive offered by the same seller, just like the remaining hundreds of silver legions ring fakes.

The blind, naive and totally misinformed buyers would have to sound meanwhile ears. It should ring the alarm bells, if only the word legion or similar appears in the headline of an ebay offer. If the items are delivered from the Eastern European fake triangle then a counterfeit is guaranteed. This guarantee is also the only thing that is really real and can of course be confirmed with a COA :-)

Enjoy last pic depicting guaranteed genuine legion GOLD rings, most likely belonging to high-ranking officers of the Roman army. Do you see the difference between real high-carat antique gold rings and Bulgarian fakes?



The four IDs together , same seller, uniques77777 and augusta_fine_arts  and five_stars_fives and alexander_art_classic, sell about 50-70 fakes per week (of which uniques77777 sells actually, Febr. 8, 2018, 37 fakes ). Ascending trend.

Below are the fake legion rings (last pic with add. legion pendants) sold from uniques77777 only from January 12, to February 8, 2018. The gold legion ring fakes are not included. Watch out: only from a single seller and only the legion rings. To enjoy the countless legion ring fakes from other sellers, pls.join our forum and check out our fake-ring-data-base.

It is not enough for you as a buyer to accept this flood of fakes as such a kind of "bad weather". Closing your eyes to the truth does not help anymore. To stay in the weather, a hurricane develops. Ebay is flooded with fake legion rings. Dozens arrive every day. As long as you buy these rings, nothing will change. The consumer determines the market. Every day, thousands of dollars are spent on worthless fake artifacts.

Ebay will not help. On every fake-sale, this platform for cheaters earns 10%. That's a good argument to leave that dubious role as fence for counterfeits as it is.



Today we present a selection of the French competition to the Bulgarian and Serbian counterfeits

France also has a lot to offer. Not just baguette or mon amour, but also forgeries. Here a real competition to the East European fake triangle has developed. The rings are usually heavier, and even less authentic than the East European legion ring fakes, but score with "all around" inscriptions

More from this seller you will find in our fake-ring-data-base. Amazing - he also sells a legion HAND pendant. Of course incised :-)


These pictures show only a selection! There are much more on ebay


Selection of legion ring fakes sold by uniques77777
The full extent of the scam can be found by using the link below

Ebay is the simplest and most important market for scammers to sell their fakes for a lot of money. Hardly any buyer has ever read a book about the artifacts he wants to collect. No bidder notices that hundreds of legion rings are suddenly flooding the market. Only very few people see that almost all rings look similar. Whether from the former Yugoslavia or from Bulgaria.

Apparently the ebay buyers still have not figured it out "uniques77777" and his ebay branches sell fakes only. Not a single item is real.
Instead of supporting one of the biggest Bulgarian fraudsters, the money for this worthless crap would be better for victims of war or natural catastrophes. Even distressed animals would be grateful for every penny.

Dear buyers, you support a criminal organization

For the time of our campaign, our guests can also see the full extent of this seller's scams.
main branch uniques77777,468.0.html
fake branch five_stars_five,488.0.html  

Note: The really hard-to-find items are really hard to find. If such items (like legion rings) are sold in large quantities, then they are certainly counterfeits

Compare the Viking ring fakes with the leg. ring fakes from same seller.,1247.0.html
Whether Viking or Roman - all the same "uniformity".


Let us state the obvious difference between a copy and a fake on the market – when a buyer knows an object is a copy – it is a copy, when resold as an authentic object – it is a fake.

exclusively from this seller - Found in Bulgaria - never found anywhere / at any time. Existens is unknown.

Therefore, the museums line up at uniques77777 to ask for such a rare artifact. But this seller does not want museums to keep their hands on it and sells these pendants only on ebay to the bona fide buyers.

Long live the ebay seller protection for crooks. Who is already chopping off the hand that feeds him ?


Molto bene - some defrauded buyers fight back

Finally some buyers have noticed that they bought fakes. We would wish it were more and the indifference would come to an end.

To all who have been cheated by the many scammers on ebay and especially by this crook ......... please warn other buyers by negative feedbacks. Even if the seller refunds the money immediately. It's not a sign of honesty, just necessity. The crooks shy away from negative feedback as the moths shun the light. A fraudulent seller on ebay will remain a scam. Thousands of gullible and naive buyers are just waiting to throw their money in the throat of these sharks.

Blindly trusting the lies of ebay and the customer support, they do not see the obvious ......... ebay and the scammers have a common goal:
"to pull their money out of their pocket"


Attention - Attention - Attention - fake collectors beware. Bulk goods of Cameo-legion-ring-fakes from Bulgaria directly for you. Open your wallet wide, whip out the credit card. You will not find such awful fakes for a second time


following our post from May 10, 2018

Ebay has done it again. Two negative feedbacks have been removed. We have been observing and documenting this behavior for years now. Protecting its crooks, ebay itself is worth a scam.

That is the reason why the scammer-Mafia from Eastern Europe are getting bigger and bigger and can take advantage of ebay's greed shameless.

Ebay has long been controlled by organized criminal gangs from Europe's fake triangle. Ebay's role as a fence is no longer a secret.


Two more negative feedbacks for this scammer. Actually, at least 5 negative feedbacks should now be displayed.
But ebay has already removed two.

It can still be recorded bets, as long as these two negative feedbacks ebay are a thorn in the eye.

Ebay reminds me of The Godfather, Il Padrino by Mario Puzo from 1969. Who does not remember Marlon Brando? Today ebay takes over this role

We learned from the last two negative feedbacks for uniques77777 that the fakes offered are obviously not made of silver.
The scam is thus much larger than we thought. From 8. 3. 2018 to 3. 6. 2018 number of fakes sold = 369

PS.... one negative feedback after another - and yet the ebay bargain hunters buy. Are they all illiterate? Or do they think it does not affect them?


Attention: Uniques77777 restarts due to the many negative feedbacks with the other stores. He is now using "dboriko" open links for our guests too:
five_stars_five                          ,488.0.html

Similar offertext, identical headlines and the same lie, where the artifacts come from.

21. 9. 2018 number of fakes listed from uniques77777..............................25
21. 9. 2018 number of fakes listed from five_stars_five.............................41
27. 1. 2019 number of fakes listed from uniques77777..............................117


this scammer is now trying his hand at weapons, Roman weapons, of course.

But none is Roman. Rather 20th century and all in a lousy state.

From 6.6.2018 to 2.9.2018 number of fakes sold 326


Gilded fakes conquer ebay

New strategy of the Bulgarian TOP TEN cheater. Fakes gilded and the ebay bargain hunters fall in droves on it. The brain is switched off, gold blinds the eyes and lets win the greed over the mind .
High live the bargain hunter. The forgers count on them. All tricks are played and they fall into the trap each time. Sometimes I wonder why we still do education. The horde of fools is growing each day.

Current bids on the gilded SPQR...26 bids from 8 bidders. Highest bid $ 298, and still 3 days left. 8 bidders are fighting for a fake. The real winner will be the one outnumbered :-)