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Real or Fake?

Started by cyberdemonx2002, July 07, 2021, 12:08:29 PM

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Hello there, purchased as a claimed metal detect find. Supposedly Roman. Can anyone give their opinions?




No it's not Roman. And I seriously doubt it is a "detector find".

The style is late Byzantine/early Medieval. So many hundreds of years post !"Roman".

It has a surface seemingly devoid of a patina. Unless it has very over vigorously cleaned.
But unfortunately more likely a copy/fake made in Bulgaria.

From the photo, the tweezers holding it, I suspect it is from Mr Michael Davies, one of the biggest seller of fakes on eBay.
Anything from him at "antiquiti"
or his website MDAntiquities
is extemely unlikely  to be genuine.

Have you not seen this thread?,1151.0.html

Sorry for this bad news!

gaius asinius

This is certainly an interesting piece, but I to have doubts as to its authenticity. It doesn't fit neatly into any recognizable category, and appears a fanciful amalgam of elements, e.g., the central cruciform comprised of stems (?), the ring and dot motif, and the fronds around the periphery. Similar band shapes are attested from the late medieval  centuries but genuine examples hardly qualify as Byzantine artifacts. Looks suspiciously like a Bulgaro-fake or similar ripoff.


Thanks for the feedback, guys, much appreciated. Yes indeed i purchased it from Antiquiti on ebay. Had no clue who he was at the time. Only paid £26 though. Probably worthless, then. Wonder if it's even silver as claimed. Have now thoroughly read the threads concerning antiquiti/mike. May just keep it as an oddity given i didn't pay much. God sake😆🤦🏻


You should ask for a refund and send it back AND leave negative feedbck.
Because every time this cheating fraudster is successful in swindling someone it encourages him yet more.