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Fake rings?

Started by privatehobby_no4, February 17, 2021, 01:41:30 AM

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Hello, I am new to this forum so please allow me to congratulate its creators and everyone posting here: Great job!

I am a private collector, buying as a hobby and am doing this only since lately.

Please take a look at these two rings. They are being both currently offered online. I have no idea if they are authentic or not.

The first one raises to me two issues: first of all the patina is very uniform on the entire surface and secondly i have no idea what it represents. The man seems to stand/sit on some sort of bar-stool (or is it his right leg?) and faces something that i can not clearly attribute.

The second one comes only with blurry images that do not allow anyone to see any casting flaws etc. and the shape is curious.

Can anyone with more experience please share her/ his opinion?

Thanks in advance.

gaius asinius

Unfortunately, none of these rings appear genuine:

1. The top ring with the elliptical bezel is suggestive of Hellenistic Greek and Roman Period artifacts. Most bezels are slightly concave, although Classical Period examples made of gold are sometimes convex. Imagery is fairly standard. Possibly Pan, Dionysus or some demi-god presenting offerings before a  thymiaterion.

2. The second ring with the round bezel is similar. Fairly generic motif of Pan, satyr or other male figure, possibly before an altar. Engraving of woodland and nature deities often include accessories such as trees, branches, floral sprays, etc., as associations to agrarian origins. 

3. The bottom pics are of a two piece ring with a rectangular bezel. While the first two offerings simulated oxidative damage (artificial aging), this last is an unpretentious modern piece with standard neo-Classic imagery. Maybe the dealer purchased it at a gift shop, or thought it up himself/herself after studying Wedgewood designs or antique Venetian wallpaper.

Just my two cents  .........................  Gaius


Only two rings here aren't there?

gaius asinius

Only two, correct. My home monitor enlongated the pictures somewhat & made the 2nd one look rounder (!!!). Here at work it's pretty evident that ain't the case.


Can't you say where they are being offered for sale?
We shouldn't be protecting sellers of fakes!