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Fake rings?

Started by Giarrese, April 09, 2024, 12:52:58 PM

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A few years ago I bought these rings. The seller indicated the period as the Crusades. Are they genuine? Can anyone give me some more information? Tank you

Harvey P

Thew crusades were between 1095 and 1291.
So two of these rings were well before then and one well afer!
Sellers (many on eBay) mention "Crusades " to encourage people to buy.


so do you think they are genuine? Where could I find information on these types of rings? Above all, I'm very curious about the one with the blue stone

Tank you for all!


I would like to recommend two books by a collector friend. The author T.N. Pollio is a researcher and historian who lives in East Haven, Connecticut.

Both books, (and I recommend buying both!) will inform you about these types of rings which are generally ignored in books and academic articles where  rings made in gold and silver are given priority.

The Art of Medieval Jewelry: an illustrated history.
It is an important contribution to a really neglected area of interest: the  commonplace, mostly base metal fingerrings of ordinary people in the lower eschelons of ancient societies.

This new study assists in identifying the types, origins and routes of transmission of personal artwork, particularly finger rings, across Europe and Byzantium, an area of study that has been neglected in previous works. Some of this material represents the first time relevant research from Central and Eastern Europe has been translated and made available to the English-speaking world.

Available all major booksellers and Amazon

Or directly from the publisher, McFarland Books

Or from the author on eBay

His previous book Ancient Rings: An Illustrated Collector's Guide