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Senatus Consulto

Started by Archaic, May 27, 2024, 03:19:38 PM

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Long time established seller in Denmark.
Sells very wide range of things including antiquities about which clearly he knows rather less than he thinks he does!
Hi needs to buy some books on ancient artifacts!
Here for example some scarabs he has sold. Some really very very badly made fakes.

Jerry F

Oh, I have some old screenshots of fake scarabs sold by Mr Pederson.
In fact I think that combo of saved images must have come from me years ago!
I was in some email exchanges with him a while back: he is seriously deluded about how much he knows!
He really seems to think he is an  expert whereas he actually knows very little!

gaius asinius

Give the devil his due, for God's sake. Mr Pederson knows enough to convince folks for years everything he sells is genuine


Yes, that's the problem! And from what I've heard he really sticks to his guns. It's just about impossible to persuade him he's possibly made a mistake.

My contribution:


He knows  so little about hieroglyphs that he seems not to know he shows this  fake upside down.
Definite fake: several so called glyphs there are not real hieroglyphs and it looks as if it is pierced lengthwise which heart scarabs are not.


gaius asinius

Really pathetic how easily shysters can rip people off with total impunity on these online toilets masquerading as marketplaces. Profits ahead of common decency are corporate slogans at ebay, Catawiki, et al.   


Here are a few of the fakes Mr Pederson of Senatus Consulto is selling right now.
The inscription here has nothing to do with Seti 1.
Mr Pederson writes>>>.

"..... inscribed with the royal name / cartouche of Seti I, 1294-1279 BC. .... Thanks to a good collector friend reassigned from Thutmosis (men kheper re"
Was correct the first time! Inscription is  Men Khpr Re Ka Re. Yes, for Thuthmosis III.
But a fake!

"one side dedicated to father of Amenhoteb II, Thutmosis III and engraved with his cartouche and throne name. The other side engraved with the name of Amenhoteb twice"
Who is Amenohoteb?? Mr Perserson always writes Amenhotep incorrectly  with a "B".
Yes, one side with Men Khpr Re for Thuthmosis III but the other side is badly wrong: just Neb Maat: the faker forgot to put the Re sign. And Mr P knows so little about glyphs that he does not notice.
Is it even in faience??
The whole eye looks badly wrong and has a fish tail!
Well known fake type. Even looks brand new!
see Dr Bron's great website for infos on this type of fake.
Crazy! Look at fotos!
Never was Anubis made like this! Tourist souvenir thing.
As Kelly in past posting here above noted so much Mr Pederson knows that he shows this fake upside down
Crazy fake with marks that are not cuneiform signs
The same as above and the style is so unlike Old Babylonian plaques which were never carrying cuneiform and of course this is just marks, no cuneiform signs there at all.

So Mr P sells many fakes and also does not understand Egyptian glyphs or cuneiform at all.


gaius asinius

Dude totally mind-blowingly evil moe-foe, man


The really big problem with this seller (a Mr Pedersen)is that he is so convinced he knows sufficient about ancient artefacts that he simply never has sold a fake! So if a buyer contacts him to say unfortunately he has sold them a fake Mr Pedersen will not accept this. He demands written evidence from a specialist museum curator  which is impossible to get! And surely he knows that.

gaius asinius

Let overly compensated demagogue know that's not how dissemination of antiquities works. If he/she/it claims something is from Atlantis, the burden of proof is not on you.

Harvey P

The BIG problem  with Mr Pedersen is that he says that NOBODY can say any of his items are a fake unless they examine the things carefully in person. But this is rubbish as so many of the fakes he has sold are VERY OBVIOUSLY FAKE, and anyone with good knowledge of ancient artefacts can say that for sure from only looking at the photos. For example take a look at some of the fake scarabs he sold!!! (Photos shown here from postings above)