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Started by admin, December 15, 2006, 05:22:56 PM

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Collectors' comments...........


Hey, looks like Sadigh is expanding to bid or buy and has today started changing his website.
Same old fake junk though.

UPDATE 2013.

Just to let you know that there is another renewed endeavour to get Sadigh closed  down.

There was also website but  his attorney got it closed down. It will reappear  soon.
If you want to assist in any way I can put you in touch with the person coordinating this.



I have been looking over the website and did not see Sadigh as one of the places to avoid.  However, I bought some faience mummy beads a few years ago---I guess I was ripped off. 



The Biblical Archaeology Society was founded in 1974 as a nonprofit, nondenominational, charitable organization dedicated to education and to dissemination of information about archaeology in the Bible lands.

The Society publishes Bible Review and  Biblical Archaeology Review.

Biblical Archaeology Society
4710 41st Street NW
Washington, DC 20016

800 221 4644 (toll free)
202 364-3300

202 364-2636


This is the largest paid circulation archaeology magazine in the world.
A sister publication, Bible Review, was launched in 1985 to offer critical and historical interpretations of biblical texts. Archaeology Odyssey is their newest publication. With a wider focus than BAR, it covers archaeology and history from Spain to Persia, exploring the sources of Western Civilization. To stay well informed of current thinking and events in Biblical archaeology, it is essential that you have a subscription to the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine.

BAS offers some of the best archaeological and Holy Land publications and replicas. BAS also produces a variety of books, slides, videos, posters and other materials suitable for individual and classroom use. Bible students, history buffs, professors, clergy and lay leaders have found BAS materials valuable, while librarians have selected our reference volumes for their collections. Furthermore, several BAS titles have been chosen as texts at major American universities, such as Harvard, Brown and Johns Hopkins.

In addition, the Society organizes Travel/Study Tours and Seminars on the Bible and archaeology, arranging for prominent scholars to address audiences of students, clergy and lay persons. Participants enjoy lectures, discussions, field trips, and free time in beautiful surroundings at home and abroad, while earning Continuing Education Units.

And this is Sadigh's advert in BAR !!


More pics which are relevant:
These are from some of his catalogues.


The editor of  BAR has been told about this!


This is their Mission Statement


This taken from the yahoo group today.

About 5 minutes ago I received a telephone call from the secretary of the publisher of Biblical Archaeological Review informing me that I was to be deeply thanked for calling to their attention the fact that
Sadigh Gallery sells mostly fake antiquities and how very distressed I was to see their ads accepted for publication in all issues of BAR. I was further informed that the ads will be pulled and no longer be
displayed or accepted for use in the publication effective November,2007.

I guess all the phone calls and email had a very positive effect.
We did a good job.

Ernie K

This happened aftere Ernie and I and hopefully several others wrote to Hershel Shanks.


An update

When I spoke with Mr. Hershel Shanks two months ago he informed me that, in so many words, the advertising income was worth more than editing the ads in the way I mentioned. He was not concerned with the authenticity with what Sadigh sells - only with the advertising revenue.
I found this to be quite pathetic and immediately called the publisher and spoke with her secretary. I was contacted a week later and was told the ads would no longer appear in BAR.
As you can see, Hershel did not cancel Sadigh's ad. The publisher did.

Ernie K 


New York BBB Reliability Report for
This is NOT a BBB Accredited business

•   This business has a satisfactory record with the BBB

Business Contact Information
303 Fifth Avenue #1603
New York, NY 10016
View Location Map

Original Business Start Date:

Mehrdad Sadigh, President
Phone Number:
(212) 725-7537
Additional Phone Numbers:
(800) 426-2007

Type of Business:
Art Galleries, Dealers & Consultants

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.
Customer Experience
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Based on BBB files, this business has a satisfactory record with the Bureau. A "satisfactory record" means that a company has been in business for at least 12 months, and has properly addressed complaints referred to it by the Bureau. The business cannot have an unusual volume or pattern of complaints, or any government actions against it involving its marketplace conduct. The Bureau must understand and have no concerns about the business's products, services and type of business.
The company's size, volume of business, and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The number of complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgment on the validity of complaints filed.
This Business has had no complaints filed against it in the last 36 months.
Report as of: 2/29/2008

Copyright © 2008 BBB of Metropolitan New York, Inc.
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Can you spot the genuine artefact in their catalogue???
I can't.

Harvey P

From here:


Recently I came across a catelog from Sadigh Gallery. It was extensive, really extensive. Although one is hard pressed to tell with accuracy regarding authenticity, most of pieces offered appeared to me to be fakes. Anyone have any experience with this gallery. Thanks

They're notorious. Avoid!

Everyone go out to their website and request the catalog.  Its partly in color and expensive so you can do your part against fake sellers by making it costly for them to do business.

Don't buy uncleaneds from ebay's ancientcoinman - 70% slugs and NO returns!

This is very bad - about 75% of the Roman and Greek silver coins in their catalogue are blatantly obvious fakes, even to my fairly inexperienced eye (and it wouldn't surprise me if most of the remaining 25% are less obvious fakes!). The bronzes look OK, though mostly over-cleaned.
Is there anything that can be done about this, legally? It seems that it should be much harder for a large, well known dealer like this to get away with it, compared to an anonymous eBay seller.

Also, does anyone have any thoughts about the authenticity of some of the (non-coin) antiquities they're selling? Although I don't have much knowledge of this area, some of the items they are selling look distinctly suspicious, such as the Roman glass intaglios without a trace of wear, dirt or age (possible for a carved hardstone piece, maybe, but surely not glass)

On a lighter note, I noticed  the descriptions on some of their coin lots: "Bronze and in low condition, but visible". It's good to see that, whilst they might be selling fakes, at least they're not selling invisible coins 

its really something else... actually it was one of the first sites i found when trying to find roman artifacts. Unfortunatly when you google 'ancient artifacts' or 'buy ancient artifacts' his is one of the first sites shown. Novice members of the hobby probably get drawn to that store everyday. Its pretty much all crap

Inter-state fraud committed particularly through the USPS is a felony.  Even using other shipping I believe it still is.  I'm not sure which law enforcement agency though should be involved with interstate commerce.  Prod the right people and I bet there could be an investigation and I assume those would yield charges.

Theirs is a mix of legit and not. The bronzes I have seen from there are definitely good. Stay far away from the silver and gold, though. Artifacts are a mix as well, much highly questionable, some okay. They use UPS exclusively, which is not goverened by the same regulations as the USPS.


Harvey P

How damn cynical!
People are strapped for money and he invites their spending.

Harvey P

Hello once more,

Look what I found on my pc while I was tidying up!
I had forgoten about this entirely.


Q. I recently invested in several pieces of jewelry from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia. The dealer, Sadigh Gallery in New York, guaranteed that the pieces dated from as early as 600 B.C. to 100 B.C. I paid from $50 to $300 for each. Do these items appreciate, and can I expect a decent return? SCOTT ANDERSON GILBERT, ARIZ.

A. Scott, "Tut, tut!"--and I'm not talking about the pharaoh. These are the questions you should have asked before you bought the stuff. Michael Sadigh, the owner of the gallery, tells us that all the items you purchased are from the tombs of commoners and are probably of little interest to serious collectors. However, they come from areas of the world where there are tough restrictions on the export of antiquities. That means that what's already in this country is pretty much all there is when it comes to ancient gewgaws. So in theory at least, your jewelry may appreciate if you enjoy a long life.
In any event, you should have your things appraised by an expert to get a fix on their value. Send photos, measurements and copies of your documentation to the antiquities department at Christie's Auction House (502 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022) or Sotheby's Auction House (1334 York Ave., New York, N.Y. 10021.)


A new way for Sadigh to sell his rubbish!

Sadigh crap is something you can spot so easy!