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Sadigh: Online feedback about.

Started by Harvey P, July 28, 2010, 04:59:45 PM

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Harvey P

User reviews of Sadigh Gallery on yahoo 

Preserved for posterity.
Sadigh usually manages to get the negatives removed quite quickly.

Simply the BEST !!!

I have been purchasing ancient artifacts from Sadigh Gallery for over ten years. At that time I use to deal with several other Galleries too, but not anymore. Michael Sadigh with pricing, honesty and friendly personality has earned my total respect and now I only purchase my artifacts from him. I have a wide collection of artifacts I've purchased from Michael over the years. Pre-Columbian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Medieval, African, Persian and Chinese, etc. All authentic and exactly as discribed in the catalog. When I was in New York with my wife and seven children Michael welcomed us with warmth and hospitality. You can deal with other galleries and pay 3 to 5 times more than what you will find at Sadigh Gallery, but why would you want to do that?

ALL FAKE - Avoid!!!

Want the real truth? Join Yahoo Groups ancientartifacts for a full discussion of this scurrilous gallery and its fake merchandise. Sadigh is well known throughout the antiquities world for selling cheap tourist souvenirs in the guise of ancient artifacts. You are unlikely to find anythihg genuine at all here, don't waste your money.

Excellent Place to be in NYC

Excellent Place to be when you are in NYC!!!
A Must Visit in NYC . If you are an admirer of real and genuine ancient artifacts, this is the place. I have read all negatives about this gallery but when i personally visited, i was impressed with the professionalism and authenticity of the products that this gallery is having. Thumbs up for the Sadigh Gallery!!! A must visit place while you are in NYC.
Honest and Trustworthy

Michael Sadigh is a true gentleman and an honest dealer. You may purchase anything from him and have complete confidence that you are getting good value for your money and your purchase is backed up by a guarantee of authenticity. Watch out for competitive dealers who try to smear this good man's reputation - consider the source. Failures are always envious of success, and this man is a grand success story.

Best Value for Your Money for **REAL** Artifacts!!!

Hi! My name is Vik Sumner and had visited Sadigh Gallery. I have got the best value for my money and that too for Real Ancient stuff. The professionalism of the Gallery owner is impressive and me and my wife are too impressed with his gallery. A Must visit when you are in NY. Ignore the messages from Fake Reviewers as they are so scared that don't even write their names while submitting their review. I give my full recommendations to all my friends and family members to visit this gallery. Thank You for reading!!! Vik Sumner


I have not visited the Sadigh Gallery but his catalogue is full of fakes.
Proceed with caution and seek a second opinion.

To be honest I avoided Sadigh Gallery when visiting New York due to their worrying reputation amongst dealers. A certificate of authenticity sadly does not make an item authentic. If buying from Sadigh my advice is to take the 'artifact' to your city museum to confirm authenticity if only for your own peace of mind. From what I hear Sadigh do issue refunds.

Buyers Beware!

Sadigh is a notorious seller of fake "antiquities." People who are pleased with their purchases have, I fear, been suckered. I'm not sure how they manage to stay in busin

Fake seller

I have two items from the Sadigh gallery, both of which have been confirmed as inauthentic fake junk. They were sold to me as authentic ancient objects, so his business practices are consistently fraudulent. Many others have only found out too late that Sadigh Gallery is a completely fraudulent business enterprise. Better Business Bureau, where are you?


I bought more than $5000 US worth of items from Sadigh Gallery in NYC. I was told the items were genuine ancient artifacts. When I showed them to the museum, they told me the items were modern reproductions. Not ONE of the items was ancient. I had trouble getting my money back, but did get it.
avoid like the plague. well known fake seller, tourist souvenirs misrepresented as ancient artifacts

Gallery of FAKES

Sadigh is notorious for selling virtually nothing but frauds. He knows full well what he is doing, but lies nonetheless. Do not trust anything from this seller and avoid this place like the Plague. "The wheels of Justice do grind slow but they grind exceeding Fine" The "wheels" are in motion and this seller will have to face up to the frauds he is perpetrating, but for the moment(!) he is getting away with it.

Bogus Merchandise

Sadigh sells many items that are copies, so you have to be extremely careful. His Egyptian stuff is questionable as his coinage. Make sure you have an expert appraise and qualify the pieces. His stone tools are not what he says, so be careful in this category too. Be wary!!


If you want fake items go here. You can also order their free cataloge to see what fakes look like. Don't waste your money. Big rip off!!!!!

Excellent Experience

Dear Sadigh: It was a pleasure dealing with you. I came from Massachussetts to visit NYC. I am thankful for the artifacts that you made such a good deal. Also, being an expert in artifacts, I have been the most impressed with the stuff you own at your gallery. My wife has promised me to visit your gallery when I am coming back to NYC in February. Thanks For Everything. Good Luck!! Happy Holidays John Goldberg
b]Tourist Trap[/b]

During last week's visit to New York we had the unfortunate experience of entering this establishment, after seeing their large ad in Discover Magazine. We were appalled to find a gallery full of blatant forgeries, in many cases amounting to little more than airport art. The "Pre-Columbian" ceramics (something we have now collected for over 30 years) sold here, consist of such amateurish copies, that we could barely contain our laughter when the sales person offered a discount and a guarantee. Shameful. Later that night, when conducting our usual Yahoo search for other options, we did find several references to Sadigh Gallery's role as a leading purveyor of fraudulent art......too little, too late.

Sadigh Fraud

Three years ago I purchased four amulets with Sadigh COA's which I accepted on face value only to discover later Sadigh is renowned for selling fake antiquities and has been doing so for years. Concerned I took my amulets to a local dealer of antiquities for a second authentication. He took one look at them and asked if they were from Sadigh Gallery. One look and he knew. Not one of them was a genuine antiquity. Sadigh are a disgrace to honest dealers and I can't believe they are still getting away with it. On the up side now when I buy I am very cautious with whom I deal and to be safe have everything authenticated a second time to ensure I'm not being ripped off. Don't shop there! Avoid like the plague they are.


I bought $10,000 worth of items and "thought" they were real. I learned from a museum they were fake. Sadigh Gallery in NYC sells fakes. Selling fakes is for what this galery was established. All reputable dealers tell you the real truth about Sadigh. FAKES. Beware, Sadigh sells fakes.


Michael Sadigh is notorious for selling an overwhelming proportion of FAKES, some upon of which the paint or clay is scarcely dry. Over the years he SCAMMED me out of thousand of dollars for JUNK! Since I joined the yahoo group ancientartifacts (as I encourage others to do to learn ALL about Sadigh!) I have learned why and how Sadigh gets away with this.


Avoid This Fraud At All Costs! Beware this so called 'gallery' which is well known amongst collectors for stocking cheap tourist souvenirs and passing them off as ancient artifacts at astounding prices! You'll be lucky to find ANYTHING authentic for sale here. Don't waste your money, there's plenty of honest antiquities dealers out there.

Expensive lesson

A quick search of the Yahoo groups will bring up dozens if not hundreds of examples where people have been sold blatant forgeries. Having a Manhattan store front does not in and of itself guarantee authenticity of items sold. Do basic research and you will quickly learn that many of the items offered are not ancient.

Gallery of fakes

Interesting to visit so as to appreciate the large amount of fake antiques being peddled.

Atrocious FAKES!!!!!!

Not only removing money from the unwitting, but doing so armed with a flashy catalogue which impresses the same. Sadigh is WELL-KNOWN, and avoided, by experienced collectors.

King of Fakes

If you like fakes and cheats this is the gallery for you. A few authentic pieces mixed with both convincing and obvious forgeries from Northern Africa. A great place to waste some of your hard earned money!

Sadigh...........king of fraudsters and fakes

Yes, do request a brochure. There is hardly a genuine antiquity in it. Disgraceful!!!

Best Fakes in Town!

Sadigh Gallery provides a unique opportunity for travelers to New York - the chance to see the largest collection of fakes under one roof anywhere in the world! You've seen the adverts for this trash but here's your chance to actually see it - and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the man who has the gall to sell it to unsuspecting suckers. Not to be missed

Is selling gfakes through the net . Ushabti's, amulets and other criminal activities. Since 1998 it is getting worse, lots of people lost money to this company. Please search the archives on Yahoo concerning antiquities, you can't imagine that these croocks are still in business. Ushabti's, amulets and other criminal activities. Since 1998 it is getting worse, lots of people lost money to this company. Please search the archives on Yahoo concerning antiquities, you can't imagine that these croocks are still in business

Confirmed fake.

My experience: a "bronze" dagger with written certificate signed by owner as "Greek period" from the Levant or near east. Chemical testing: modern scrap metal. Microscopic: new casting, probably hybridized from parts of 2 older weapons. Comment by reputable appraiser in Chicago: clear fake; appraiser also mentioned past reputation of seller, & photographed item for formal complaint to antiquities dealer assn.. Also, said there is no trade or academic term, "Greek period," in the or near east Levant. Comment by owner over phone: The Greek period was when the Greeks occupied the Levant and near east into Syria, about 500-600 BC. Item is original as certified. No explanation for high zinc, cadmium, bismuth & moderate silver content, microscopic analysis, etc.. One * rating probably too high, but none lower exists.

A gallery of Fakes

Sadigh gallery is well known for selling thousands of fakes through out its years of operation. many of these items have found their way to Ebay and seriously hurt the industry of antiquities. I would suggest visiting their store only for seeing what not to buy.

Sadigh sells fake antiquities at high prices.

When I first started collecting ancient weapons I purchased many fake weapons from dealers supplied by Sadigh. I received his Certificate of Authenticity, the worthless s**t standard of quality. There are many antiquities collector groups that discuss the fakes sold by this dealer. Subscribe to his catalog to get a good idea of the number of fakes available for sale. 11-23-04

Sadigh : Highly Recommend-Authentic Antiquities

Never had a problem with this group. Many collectors and even dealers have found them to be straight up. If there is ever a question as to authenticity money is refunded.

do not visit this crook

Merdad Sadigh sold me a group of fakes all with certificates ...all new fakes....the certs were worthless... he must know he is selling fakes yet he keeps doing it... he would not give me my money back instead offered to trade for some more of his junk.... this place is bad news..

Seller of fake antiquities

Mr. Michael Sadigh is a infamous seller of fake antiquities. Some of his articles are authentic but a vast majority are not. Be very careful if you go to this "gallery."

b]Modern reproductions masquerading as ancient[/b]

While the gallery has authentic antiquities on display, nearly every "ancient" artifact offered for sale is a modern reproduction complete with a totally worthless "certificate of authenticity." This is a major source for frauds flooding eBay. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

Little Shop of Horrors

What at first looked like a wonderful treasure trove of antiquities, turned out to be a tourist trap filled with some of the worst fakes and overpriced reproductions I have ever seen assembled in one place. When asked, they had the audacity to offer a Guarantee of Authenticity on a couple of "Mayan" vases, on which the paint was barely dry. As a long time collector I was appalled. Few of the displayed pieces bore more than a passing resemblance to the authentic material. On the way out the door, we grabbed a catalog, which offers thousands of hideous fakes, designed to defraud unwary buyers via mail order. What a horrible, horrible experience.

Fraud and Fakery

Sadigh is well known to experienced artifact collectors as the scourge of the antiquities world. Unlikely as it may seem to the uninitiated, the great bulk of the items on sale at this 'Gallery' are cheap tourist souvenirs being misrepresented as ancient artifacts. The glossy catalogue and impressive address give a totally false impression of reliability. Undoubtedly the biggest and most blatant fraud I have ever witnessed

Scam alert

Sadigh sells FRAUDS. That says it all. AVOID! If you HAVE bought from him, get your money back... he WILL refund once confronted. SLEAZY!

Sadigh Gallery of FAKES

Michael Sadigh's Gallery is notorious amongst the cognoscenti of antiquities for mixing frauds for sale amidst authentic pieces on display. Totally untrustworthy. Do not let yourself get scammed here like I did. Avoid like the Plague!


PLEASE LISTEN to all the folks that have been writing reviews to say this "gallery" STINKS! 95%+ of what this crook sells is FAKE. Okay so I know you won't list my 'defamatory' review - BUT IT IS TRUTH! This man is no more than a THIEF who KNOWINGLY sells cheap tourist souvenirs pretending that they are ancient artefacts. He is WELL KNOWN for it in the antiquities world. Yes he seems convincing - all confidence tricksters seem convincing, it's part of the job. PLEASE chekout the archive of Yahoo groups ancientartifacts where you will find that Sadigh is a standing joke. If you can't do anything about this yourself please refer it to management as Sadigh is bringing your site into disrepute. No one who knows the truth about Sadigh will ever have any faith in your other ratings that's for sure! Tim Haines moderator Yahoo Groups ancient artifacts,


Sadigh is known throughout the Internet as the biggest scoundrel in the fake antiquities business. Almost without exception, everything he sells is fake! Do order one of his catalogues of seriously overpriced fakes and reproductions from - use it as a great guide to what to AVOID on eBay and the internet in general. This is not a joke or a wind up, avoid this scumbag seller at all costs. For more information come to Yahoo Groups ancientartifacts
everything here is fake!

Don't buy anything here, it is all fake! Fraud Haven

This seller scammed me out of quite a lot of money on totally fraudulent fake antiquities. Do not be decieved. Avoid like the plague, and educate yourselves before buying anything allegedly ancient from any source.

Buyer beware

Yahoo! Reviews: please don't delete this until you have visited the Sadigh Gallery with an expert who will certainly verify that most or all of his items are inauthentic, modern fakes. Buyer beware. Any item you purchase from this venue should be checked by a knowledgable specialist like the trusted, renowned staff of Royal Athena Gallery, also in New York City.

Cheap tourist souvenirs sold as expensive ancient artifacts

Everything for sale here is fake. Sadigh is well known throughout the antiquities world as a fraud. There are many respectable galleries in NYC who will sell you authentic items for no more money than the junk sold here. Give it a miss.

avoid this scam dealer

i purchased items thru his catalogue and in his gallery .they were fakes. he has cheated me and several friends. his fakes are all over the internet . he gives worthless certs . avoid him if you are interested in getting real antiquities. and ask arround before you buy from his catalogues.

Selling fakies

This gallery sells fakes and everybody in the antiquities world know. Buy a $10 junk piece from him and visit the nearest museum, if you are not afraid of being laughed


The most notorious seller of FRAUDS and FAKES in North America. Avoid it like the PLAGUE! Don't get ripped off like I did!

DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Sadigh Galleries ancient art is probably the largest retail seller of absolutly fake antiquities in the world. They somehow get away with blatant fraud on a daily basis. Be very skeptical of their offerings.
We can't wait to go back

Sadigh is well known in the antiquities business. Come to Yahoo Groups Ancientartifacts for a full discussion of this and other NYC Galleries.
A Great Selection of Reproduction and tourist souvenir artefacts!

A great selection of reproduction and tourist souvenir artefacts.

Sadigh is well known amongst specialist as a seller of fake antiquities and phony letters of authenticity. Plenty of sellers in New York have real ancient art so don't get scammed here.

We were lucky to have captured those!
When we went back to the website only two days later......;_ylt=As_ggHm3L_sMO0xNF6hEx22cFmoL

Yes,  these reviews were removed.
We have updated several as of today.



I think we should continue the discussions and informations in the new Sadigh board,963.0.html